Cleveland, Ohio

Back in November 2009 my brother David and I were invited to be delegates at the International Convention in Hawaii. During that time we got to meet many different friends from different parts of the U.S. We were involved in two separate groups of friends on our trip. One of those groups was comprised of all sisters. Now, if you don’t know me or my brother very well, you should probably know that we’ve never been the type to chase after girls. So our becoming part of this group was purely platonic. In our efforts to make friends we grew close to those girls.

Throughout the years we kept in touch here and there. But it wasn’t until last year when Desirae and Paige came to visit me that we kept in more contact than before. Through our group chats early this year we had decided to meet up for a mini reunion in Cleveland. I had never really been to that part of the States and I wanted to make sure I could get some travel in this year. So it was full steam ahead.

The visit was very laid back and chill. We all arrived at different points in the weekend and kept Paige busy. It started out rough for me. I had intended to fly in at a reasonable hour on Thursday to commence the long weekend. My flight was delayed for over an hour because of thunder storms in my area. As well as the plane being delayed in La Guardia. Once I hopped on the plane and landed in CLE, Paige and Stacey showed me all of downtown Cleveland after midnight. The city is HUGE! I learned a lot and for some reason didn’t really consider how close to the lake they were. I know I’m absent minded sometimes. They took me to eat at Barrio for some tacos and then we headed to the hotel. Can I just tell you that The Tudor’s Arm Hotel is just THE best hotel I’ve stayed in. Paige and Stacey mentioned that the building was originally built in 1890 and restored into this beautiful hotel. Since it’s a Double Tree hotel I was greeted with warm cookies. These cookies tended to be something Paige would snag for us to keep me happy and hyped.

Just a few of the highlights during this trip. Saturday, Paige took us to Amish country to eat at the Amish Door. The food was good but I think we were all exploding inside with copious amounts of gas. We were given free tickets to a baseball game from a very kind couple staying at a hotel. I got to try THE BEST corned beef sandwich from Slymans. Even Rachel Ray said to eat there! We really didn’t sleep those nights. Mostly staying up late and sleeping for 5 hours at the most. It’s pretty cool to be able to catch up with your friends. I ended up being the only guy on this trip since David wasn’t able to make it. But that’s ok. The girls were very intuitive and during our deep discussions, stories, and laughs we all learned something about ourselves..

Anyways, here are some pictures from my trip. It was rainy, overcast and cold the whole weekend. So the pictures feel a little dark and cool. It was very pretty though.









  1. Looks like you enjoyed a good time with your old friends, excellent pictures you took, like them all๐Ÿ˜™


    • Nice write up on your trip! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself! Next time, we have to take you on a scenic drive along the lake shore into wine country


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