Las Vegas


It had been about two years since I went home to visit my family in Las Vegas. Doesn’t that sound like a scary thought? I purposely made sure that I booked my seat on the right side of the plane. Reason being is that it happens to be the side that gets to see The Strip as you descend into the valley. As the plane descended I started to get really excited at the thought of seeing my city and my family. The fear that I had inside of me an hour prior due to the crazy turbulence had subsided. Even that buzz from the Gin and Tonic I demanded from the flight attendant that helped calm my nerves had worn off. I was finally home.

There was a lot of things that I had planned to see, do, eat and people to meet up with. I won’t go into those crazy details but it was all worth it. I made sure to do my research beforehand and I was glad I did. One of the stops I’m glad I went to was the little Whole Foods on Tenaya. It was so quiet and tiny and put the one I go to here at home to shame in terms of being able to shop and not worry about 150 people in my way in one aisle.

While in Vegas I had made arrangements to just spend time with my family for the majority of the trip. I planned a little two day getaway on The Strip at Planet Hollywood. The hotel recently did some updates and it was quite a nice place to stay. I really wanted to see a Cirque show while I was in town but I had waited too long to book one. Instead we ended up seeing the Jabbawockeez.

We ate at several restaurants on The Strip and around the Northwest part of the valley where my family lives. I’ll list all that info at the end of the post if your interested in it. One of many highlights was going to The Chocolate Bar in New York New York. The first night there I made sure to have a Chocolate Raspberry Martini. I hadn’t had one since I left home 8 years ago. It satisfied every craving I had. I also made sure to eat a crepe at The Creperie inside the Paris Hotel. My only regret is that I didn’t get to eat at The Paris Buffet. It’s my favorite one. Or any buffet for that matter. Sad…just sad.

I got to enjoy some great times with my parents and brothers. Lots of laughs were had, memories made, and time in service. I got to meet some of my family’s friends in their congregation that I kept hearing about. I also got to see some old friends that were in my previous congregations when I lived in Vegas. My brothers had made arrangements to meet up with some friends after the meeting one night at Kona Grill. It was awesome. I definitely needed that. It gets kind of crazy when you’re always the 3rd and 5th..sometimes 7th wheel. So it was great to eat, drink, laugh and be loud with some cool single peeps. I also got to meet up with some really good friends before I left back home at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Korean food is the

One thought that kept going through my mind is..should I move back? I’ll keep that in the back of my mind until I’m burned out with the south. But then again…you never know…




IMG_20180224_164945_111 (1)
The Gang at DJK
The Gang at Kona Grill


Hotel : Planet Hollywood

Places to Eat : Echo and Rig, Paris Creperie , Paris Buffet, Hexx , Bruxie, The Donut Bar, Skinny Fats, Kona Grill, DJK, Nacho Daddy.

Belly Up to The Bar : Chandelier Bar (Flower Drink), The Chocolate Bar (Any chocolate drink), The Golden Tikki (Dole Whip with Rum)

Show : Jabbawockeez




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