Winter 2018

Did you know that the cooler months are my favorite? Well if you didn’t then now you know. I’m naturally hot blooded. I’m forever burning up. Which can be a problem at times. Long sleeve shirts, extra layers of clothing may look cool in GQ magazines or certain Instagram accounts. But me trying to layer up ends up having me look like a disheveled hot mess. I think that’s why the summer has been the bane of my existence especially here in the hot, humidity melting pot that is the south.

Being a Southern California boy I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a real fall with leaves falling or a real winter with snow. So while the snow is falling and people here are either freaking out buying up all the milk and bread. I’m sitting back enjoying the stuff. It makes for great pictures as well. Toting my camera took a back seat for awhile for a few personal reasons. But in the meantime I’ve just been admiring the many pictures some photographers have been posting on social media. I hope one day to have their skill. But in the meantime please bear with me.

The pictures below are from our recent Circuit Assembly, the past snow storm we had here in NC, as well as a gathering we went to this past weekend. My goal is to keep this blog updated as much as possible. (I mentioned that in my last post. Ha! Jokes on you.) Hopefully one day a niece, nephew, second cousin or reader can look on here and be able to draw clues as to what Eddie Gonzales was like.

January 2018 Goals

*Make better health decisions

*Widen out and meet new people





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