Virginia Beach

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on here. So sorry dear reader. I think when I initially started this blog I didn’t really know what kind of things to post on here. I felt like my posts were all over the place and probably a bit too TMI in one post. Ooops! I think at the time I was super into following lifestyle bloggers on social media and wanted to be like that. But my life is not super cool like that. Do you know the kind I’m referencing? Where the guy or girl post pictures of their outfits that are super expensive and trying to promote a brand. Or the pictures of them are in a hurry in the street or randomly laughing to themselves on the sidewalk. IDK what that’s about! Weirdos..but don’t be surprised if I’m one of those weirdos one day. Ack!

So going back to the topic at hand. Last year when my parents came down we stayed at this really cool condo in VA while we were going to Busch Gardens. When we checked out after our stay the people at the front desk informed us that we could have a free stay anywhere in the country. Of course we signed up. We would have one year to reserve a stay at one of their locations. Later we found out that you would have to sit on one of those presentations and try to buy a type of timeshare. Silly us! With time running out we just decided to pick a place and use it up. By we I mean, Monique, Agustin and I. Me, being their faithful third wheel. For reals I need to get a life or something.

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriot which is right on the board walk. It was nice each morning waking up to the balcony, ocean facing room. The sun setting in each morning waking us up from the long nights sleep. Each morning Monique woke Agustin and I up to watch the sunrise. I have never seen my sister so excited. She’s never seen the sun rise over the water before. Total nubie. Since we had no plans we were pretty much there and did things on a whim. Walking up and down Atlantic Avenue each day. One side we realized was super sketch. Even though I’m taller than Agustin he’s stockier than I am so I would walk behind I’m to shield me from those weird people. Seriously, I need to start bulking up hard core.

Virginia Beach had some interesting people. As we were waiting for the light to change to cross the street some older lady in the back of a passing car rolled down here window and shouted at Monique, “I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!” We concluded that grandma was drunk in the back of the car. Another time the wind was blowing super hard and my hair was crazy flying. Some guy rolled down his window and shouted something about my hair. We also noted that people would hard core stare at us. I couldn’t understand if it was because we are Hispanic and they don’t get many Hispanics in their area? But then again we saw a few families. Or perhaps we were just super attractive and they couldn’t soak enough of our beauty in and had to keep grasping for more. It was weird and creeped me out so bad that at one point I did a staring contest with an older lady while passing her by.

But other than those random things it was a nice place to go, relax, lay out on the beach and attempt a tan. We ate some good food at a few places and enjoyed some great gin and tonics.  I think that beach will probably be our go to rather than Top Sail. On another note I’m going to try and get back in the habit of updating this blog more frequently. Also posting some pictures on here again. I love a good story with pictures don’t you? Atleast five pictures on here are Monique’s and she deserves the photo credit.

Photo Credit : Monique
Photo Credit: Monique


Photo Credit : Monique
Photo Credit : Monique


Photo Credit : Monique

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