The Reginas

A few weeks back my cousin Vanessa had mentioned that she wanted to have some family pictures taken before the boys got older. Kid’s grow up so fast. Gosh, a lot of the kids that I knew are now full grown and married. Slow down little ones! It’s cramping our style.

So one Saturday while the whole family was in town we headed over to WestPoint in Durham. It’s a lovely backdrop. Old mills, ponds, creeks, bridges, trees and pretty much anything nature related. We agreed to meet up around 8 am before the heat kicked in. Summer is no joke. We got some good shots in as best we could with the heat creeping in on us. Dominic and Roman were doing great but about an 35 minutes into it they had other plans. But all in all we got some good shots of the family and the boys. It was a pleasure to work with them and many thanks for them allowing this Hobbyist get some work in.

And now…The Reginas.





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