Family Visit

Last month my parents and brother Chris came over from Las Vegas to the East Coast to visit us. The three of us had been on anticipation of their visit. I had seen them back in October when we went on the cruise but Monique hadn’t seen them since September when we had to fly out to So Cal. As always we had to get to the deep house cleaning. Well, mostly Monique anyways. I’m usually at work when she does that stuff.

The last time my mom came over to visit she stayed with us for a whole month. But during that month we had gotten accustomed to our daily routines. Work, meetings, eat dinner, bed. We didn’t get out much while she was visiting. When she went home Monique and I felt horrible. We didn’t intentionally keep her locked up in the house. So, we promised this time to keep her out of the house as much as possible. We ate out We hadn’t planned on it but we wanted them to eat the food that we have come to enjoy eating in this city of Durham. We ate local BBQ, ice cream, chicken and waffles and many more. I even set up for us to take a tour of a local distillery. The gin they distilled was good. I bought a honey liquor from them. We took them to Duke Gardens as well. The flowers are starting blossom here and it was beautiful.

On the last day of their stay Monique made them her famous nachos. If you haven’t had hers then you know that you will have to come over to our house so she can hook you up! She piles that plate sky high with delicious goodness. Speaking of getting fat or trying to not be..I got to workout with Chris one day. He’s a bodybuilder and has his lifts down pat. He’s put on so much muscle over the years that I envy his arms! I do Olympic lifting and follow a program that gets updated every month with a little hypertrophy work two days a week. I hadn’t seen Chris in 6 months since our cruise. I worked my butt off trying to get in shape. But as we met in the airport he said I still looked the same. -_- geez…anyways we got to do a bro sesh in the garage. Chest, Biceps and Triceps. I think we over did it cause by the end of lifting we could barely move our upper body. LOL. Poor Chris since it was his first time in a couple of weeks since his Spartan race that he worked out.

Sorry, I took so long to post pictures. I haven’t been inspired lately. But with spring here, summer on the horizon and a few trips locked in I’m sure to take a few shots here and there. Wow! That was a long sentence.

Here are some pictures I took on our outing at Duke Gardens. Enjoy!





One comment

  1. Love all these pics and the pics of you parents! They look as if they were still dating! And your brother, oh my! Looks JUST like you! Great job!


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