Spring Cleaning

It’s starting to warm up here. I feel like winter was only here for a short time. This has been a really wack winter. Warm in December and didn’t even get a winter till the end of Janurary. Now it’s warm again. Summer, just stay far away from me. Humidity and me just aren’t friends. I’m determined to buy short sleeve shirts for those days when we’re out in the ministry. I had been wearing my long sleeves but rolled up last year but it wasn’t fun. If I could wear sandals I would.

This past weekend the three congregations in our Kingdom Hall prepared the hall for the upcoming Memorial observance. Friday night the friends cleaned the carpet and rearranged the seats for better flow traffic on the carpet. Saturday, I was torn between service or helping clean. I opted to clean and I’m glad I did. Monique and I headed to the hall at 8. We had a good size turnout but I was a little surprised that more of the friends didn’t show up. That’s ok. I helped inside with scrubbing chairs and checking the screws on each chair. Now we are ready for the memorial. Something special also happened this past week. A goal of mine was fulfilled. But that’s not something i’m going to put on the blog here. But you can ask me in person if you’d like..or text…or email. Gotta stay humble, right?

Here are a few pictures of the friends cleaning the hall. IMG_0729IMG_0733IMG_0736IMG_0737IMG_0743IMG_0744IMG_0746IMG_0748IMG_0759IMG_0763IMG_0773IMG_0775IMG_0778IMG_0781IMG_0783IMG_0792IMG_0791IMG_0785


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