A Baby Weekend

The weeks have just been flowing by. It had been non-stop for me last month. I’m just exhausted. I didn’t get a chance to really sleep in at all during February. I auxiliary pioneered last month since we were having the visit of the Circuit Overseer. I’ve been trying to make sure I auxiliary the month that I know he will be visiting our congregation. That way I get to work with the group during the week that him and his wife visit plus sitting in during the pioneer meeting is an added bonus. Unfortunately, his visit this month had to be redone since we had a crazy storm in January. So everything had to be rearranged and I wasn’t able to enjoy service during the week with the group. Next time hopefully!

This past weekend Vanessa and my Aunt Dolores came to visit us along with the two kiddos. Dominic keeps getting bigger and bigger every time I see him. Roman too! Roman is in the middle of potty training which I know must be a chore for Vanessa. But he’s gotten better.

The first night they were here (Thursday) I pulled up to the house after our meeting and opened the door for them to unpack. Now this is going to show how old we have gotten. After Vanessa and Dolores unpacked we were all in the kitchen talking. I mentioned to Vanessa that we should all have some wine before going to bed. I told her my bedtime was 10. Bed time..yes, I have a bed time. I need that sleep. So she went upstairs to unpack and bathe the baby. Meanwhile, I poured a glass of Hatteras Red from Duplin for Monique and I. My tolerance for alcohol has gone way down. I can’t hang anymore. So Monique and I had a small glass and waited..waited..then it was ten and I had to go to bed. That teeny tiny glass of wine made me feel like I drank two bottles. I layed in bed and felt like I was floating and my heart was pumping fast. I prayed that I would fall asleep and make it to the next morning. lol When Vanessa came down and realized we were all in bed she poured herself a small glass. She  said she had a hard time walking up the stairs. What the heck Duplin? What are you putting in this wine? lol.

Friday night we were all hanging around in the kitchen. Monique and I trying to grab some shots of Dominic crawling all over the kitchen floor. Dogs attempting to lick him while he swats them away. Roman running around and acting crazy.

Saturday started bright and early in the ministry. Vanessa and the two boys met up with us at the hall for the service meeting. Then it was straight into the territory. I have to applaud V for maneuvering the double stroller like a pro up and down the street and up high curbs into the driveway. It’s a workout! Parting ways that afternoon for separate agenda, hers with meeting up a very close friend for lunch and me schoomzing my way in with the regular pioneers for lunch. Then that evening she had a small break. Dolores took care of the kids while Vanessa, our friend Nikki and I headed to Henderson for a card party. We had the best time that night. I splurged and ate cake and chips that I’m totally paying for today. Oooohhh, my stomach!














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