Monique & Agustin

We’ve been having some really crazy weather this winter. Of course this is North Carolina and our winters are always wack anyways. This past weekend on Friday we got part of the storm that was sweeping the east coast. Some snow, sleet and ice left our backyard with a gorgeous landscape. It wasn’t until Sunday that Monique insisted that Agustin and her have a mini photo shoot and started brainstorming poses. She is my assistant by the way.

Do you remember when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were dating many years ago? They had a nickname that was a combo of both their names which resulted in Bennifer. Around that time Monique and Agustin were married and our cousin Vanessa affectionately named them Agustinque. It’s been their name since.

I could go on and on about these two who so happen to be my roommates. (I better say good stuff or I’ll wind up on the side of the road. Laugh out loud. Nah, just kidding). Over the course of their almost 11 year marriage they have gone from two youngin’s trying to figure out adulthood/marriage life to full fledge adults with a strong/humble spirituality. They really are good role models. Monique is the determined person that looks for the good in everyone she meets while cracking silly jokes. She can never keep a straight face for long. At a restaurant when asked what she wants to drink her go to automatic answer is “I’ll take a water and….a Long Island Ice Tea.” Agustin is the hardworking man that loves to use his hands and is always trying to find ways to help others out. Whether it’s helping someone move, constructing furniture from scratch or assisting the friends in their congregation. These two are a super couple. Here are their pictures from a photo shoot done on Sunday late afternoon.





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