Daily Text Group 2015

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I got a little lazy and I wasn’t feeling very inspired the last few weeks to take pictures. I think I also just fell into a routine also. Every weekday and weekend seems to be the exact same thing. Which don’t get me wrong is great but I think my hobby just fell by the waste side. I need to get back with it. This blog I’m hoping will be a good document of my life/legacy…is that too soon to say? Plus slash portfolio if anyone is interested in taking a photo sesh with me. I don’t want to be a cocky photographer and say that I’m the greatest because I’m pretty sure I’m not. I’m just a regular joe trying to better myself and my skills.

The title of this post is a little personal. Over the last four years I’ve been a part of a group that has grown, shrank, changed directions to better enhance or keep a daily input into each group member’s life. Let me explain in case that was a little confusing. It had always been my goal to read a chapter or three of the Bible daily. The Bible is a great book (2 Timothy 3:16) and I always wanted to ensure that I could have a daily partake of it. So, like I said about four years ago (2012) in September a friend of mine named Inez mentioned that a group of her friends were going to start a Bible reading group. Cool, right? I think it was a group of five of us?? The group didn’t last too long and crumbled. So since the two of us were eager to keep this goal going we both reached out to some of our friends who were interested. The group grew again and spanned from west to east coast. Since it was the end of the year we waited till January (2013) to start on our goal. Each day we read three chapters of the Bible starting in Genesis and would text the group what we thought was interesting. It took us a whole year and we did it!

The following year (2014) a new group emerged as others from the previous group had other goals/life changes that took them in another direction. That year we started considering the Daily Text. The group started out massive and we ended up switching from phone texting comments to using WhatsApp at the suggestion of a couple of participants. That year ended well. We continued on with the consideration of the Daily Text in 2015. This year (2016) the group is a little smaller and changed directions again. Rather than keeping a schedule and waiting for our assigned day to comment on the text we now share experiences of our field service (volunteer work), something that may be interesting from our preparation for each week’s meeting, LDC work or etc. My goals for this year changed and while I was leaning towards exiting the group this time I opted to keep going. I love these people a lot like my own family and I liked the connection our group formed. It’s kept us centered I think.

The last group (2015) spanned from West to East coast and consisted of : Adrienne from Southern California. My mom, Aunt Nancy, Brother David from Las Vegas. Michelle, Luis aka “Lucho”, my sister Monique and I from North Carolina. Tisha aka “La Jefa” from Jacksonville, FL. As well as Jen from Miami. As I mentioned I think our family grew stronger and keeping a goal ahead of us as well as  strengthened our faith.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of everyone from the group (ladies I can still add you pics) on time so without further wait. Here our the smiling faces of our group in 2015!

My Mom
My aunt Nancy

Luis aka “Lucho”
Your Hispanic Gentleman
Tisha aka “La Jefa”

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