Bar Harbor, Maine

As I was going through my camera I realized that I didn’t have very many pictures of this port. I think when we got off the boat we just went with the flow. The weather on this day was wonderful. It was overcast as far as I could see. Details of this port get a little fuzzy.

This port however  reminded me of that town Jessica Fletcher lived in on the show “Murder She Wrote.” Did you watch that show? Little town type village is what it reminded me of. Lots of little shops and restaurants. We aimlessly walked around after we debarked from the boat. My mom was still gathering gifts for my sister and many other friends. So I would spend most of it waiting for them outside the shops and people watching. People are interesting. Do you do that or am I the only one? I hope they didn’t think I’m a weirdo nonchalantly looking at them. The things they wear, the way they walk, making up little stories in my head of what they might thinking or heading out to do.

About early afternoon of wondering this little place I decided that I really needed to try a local beer. There was this awesome little pub snuggled between a furniture store and an antique store. It’s the kind of place that I wish I had in my neighborhood. (we don’t have any pubs or bars in the woods by my house). I ordered a beer called “Eddie” because why not? It was delicious as any beer that I’ve had on this trip.

Immediately afterward we realized that we had seen/explored plenty enough of this place. So we headed to a restaurant you can see in the first  picture below and ordered Lobster Rolls. Those things are like little pieces of heaven. When Monique said that she wanted to go to Boston next year for a baseball game I immediately started daydreaming about lobster rolls. Diving off a diving board Scrooge McDuck style. We spent way too long at this place and the beer was a little too strong. Jose and Chris kept it rolling with the jokes and by the time we left we were all full and our faces hurted from laughing too much.

The pictures below of simple pictures. There’s a few to give you an idea of what Bar Harbor is like  and one of me trying to harness my inner fashion blogger  Adam Gallagher.

















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