Charlotte Getaway

Are you a Hunger Games nerd like me? I didn’t know what Hunger Games were until years ago when my brother Jessie kept talking about it and telling me I needed to read all three books. I borrowed the first from him and borrowed the other two from Vanessa. I was hooked! Catching Fire was my favorite out of the trilogy because I think I used a lot of my imagination in the reading. I love my imagination. I know it may not be better than yours, reader. Maybe that’s why I daydream so much..hmm. If you ever catch me at a stop light and I’m dazed off I’m just daydreaming. lol.  The reason I went to Charlotte this past weekend was because Vanessa and I decided we needed to see Mockingjay Part Two together opening weekend. So right after work on Friday I made my way to Charlotte.

A few days before I drove down V and I were going over the quick schedule. She asked me if I had any requests while I was there. The only thing that I could think of was Monkey Bread. She had made if for me on my last trip and I remembered how delicious it was then. How happy I was when upon arriving at Vanessa and Mike’s house that I smelled the fresh aroma of sugary goodness. I’m a die hard fatty. I love food of all kinds. I shake when I’m so hungry and start eating. My mom said that if I ever get married that I’d probably blow up. I like to think that will never happen. After getting in and belling up to the kitchen counter the eating of Monkey Bread and drinking of hot chocolate commenced. Catching up on things since the last time we’d seen each other, cracking jokes and laughing about farts and moco’s. We are so immature.

Saturday morning we spent on service. It’s always interesting going on service in someone else’s territory. I only talked to one man at the door that stated he wasn’t interested in the magazines. We were assigned with a nice  couple and their in-law. There were a couple of awkward silences but I think we all hit it off at our service break at the McDonalds. When you try to be mindful of your manners by not talking with your mouth full of food when asked a question…but then the person says to go ahead and talk with the food in your mouth that pretty much says their a cool person. Especially talking about farts. I love people who talk like that. They’re so real and makes me feel like I don’t have to be uptight perfect goody two shoes.

Saturday night we went to see Mockingjay with some good friends in after the Spanish meeting. Shout out to The Velozs’, Parkers’ and Gonzales’. I loved that movie! Despite people saying that I have no heart for not crying during that movie I really enjoyed it. It stayed pretty true to the book and I loved those action sequences. GO SEE THE MOVIE!!

Before departing Sunday, Vanessa made arrangements to go to a car show that was going on in Uptown. I’m not a big car person. I wish I was into that stuff. I guess that makes me less of a man for saying that. I didn’t grow up working on cars or talking about it with the guys.  I mean I can change my oil and simple stuff like that. But taking out an engine and knowing what models came out in certain years..I tend to walk backwards into a bush. I did however enjoy myself. I got a kick out of everyone’s reaction on hopping into the different cars and “test driving” them. I got in a couple myself and marveled over the Mazda’s. The old fashion cars they had at one side of the place was interesting. We had some amazing BBQ on our way back to the car. I’m for all things meat related and never pass up on some good BBQ.

Unfortunately for me I had come to the end of my trip. It was a long ride back home and I’m grateful to have spent another amazing and relaxing weekend in Charlotte.


















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