Portland, Maine

I didn’t realize there was more than one Portland. Have you seen Portlandia? I watched a couple of episodes on Netflix when some friends came over last year. It had it’s funny moments. I hope that it’s not really like that out there. Hippies and craziness.

This was our first stop on our cruise. We had decided to pretty much wing our trip and didn’t plan any excursions except for a beer tour on the last stop. Just get off the boat and wonder around town. I had done some research before leaving for vacation and found that on each stop it was recommended to eat seafood. Fresh seafood at that. The one thing that kept sticking out on my searches was the lobster roll. *insert heaven’s opening up and the sound of angel’s singing*

Once off the boat we walked all around the city. We had no idea where we were going. At an intersection we opted to go right instead of left. We ended up walking into a neighborhoods and local stores/coffee shops. I was wearing a wool pea coat and after awhile I started getting hot. I sweat easily..ew..TMI? Sorry ladies I guess that doesn’t make me sound hot. I’m a gross sweaty guy. lol. My brother David is a Barista at a coffee shop on the Vegas strip. So being the Barista that he is, coffee pretty much stops him in his tracks. We found this coffee shop and naturally David went in to buy a bag of coffee and a Latte. I love how David says Latte. It sounds very rich valley boy.

Since it was lunch time and of course we had to get seafood here. I located a shop called 3 Bouys Seafood on google maps that wasn’t too far from the coffee shop we were at. The place had rave reviews and claiming how good the food was. Now I have a little bit of a complaint. Once I walked in it was a counter and the open kitchen right behind the cashier. The cashier arrived right as we did and pulled right around the counter. The cook and I’m assuming owner walked up to us and right away started telling us that, “I only make food fresh to order. So if you want something complicated off the menu it’s gonna take a long time since I’m the only cook here.” He proceeded to point to the bread and insinuate that we’d be better off ordering a sandwich. I was a little ticked but then again the reviews said this place was awesome so I figured I’d let this pass. I proceeded to order a Lobster Roll since it sounded amazing and recommended by the two sitting in the tiny dinning area. I ordered an Allagash White to wash it down. Now, I love butter and this bun was drenched in butter. The lobster was so fresh and salty with the heavy mayo that coated the meat was smooth. I practically wolfed it down!

Remember how I mentioned that we went right at the intersection? Well, we came full circle and noticed that had we gone left we would’ve walked right into the center of the touristy part. Filled with shops and food. I saw a sign for donuts but at my mom’s behest she didn’t want anyone to eat dessert just yet. Balderdash! I knew I should have gotten that donut…I am my own man.

Waiting to leave the ship
My parents












David and Joe


Mom and Jose in front of the little coffee shop









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