My First Official Photo Session

A couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected text from a sister in my congregation named Vera. She mentioned that her and her husband would be celebrating their Anniversary with a dinner at  Red Lobster that afternoon. She wanted to surprise him with pictures of their happy day. Aside from taking some pictures of my cousin Dominic I hadn’t really done anything professional. As Vera went on to describe the type of pictures she was looking for I got a little…no, I got really nervous. I feel like I have more room to grow before I can call myself a real photographer. The last thing I wanted to do was not get any good pictures.

After gathering the details I accepted the offer and met up with their family at the restaurant. I took a few pictures inside as well as a few outside. Since I don’t have fancy equipment or lights it’s normally better to get a few pictures outside. Natural light and some shading can help remove dark shadows that are cast when unnatural light is shinning down on your subject especially in a restaurant. Overcast weather is also perfect. I learned this from Edwin.

I owe my sister some recognition on this photo shoot. While I was fidgeting with the camera she was setting up Vera and John as well as the family for pictures. Here are pictures from that day. Let me know what you think.

Ruth Jacobs





Tommy, John and Cliff


John and Vera










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