Going on a Trip

I feel all loopy right now. My muscles are really relaxed. If your into fitness have you heard of ROMWOD? I suppose if your into Crossfit or Olympic Weightlifting you have. It’s this really cool website that has a lot of stretching for your muscles. Just like a Crossfit WOD they’re daily WODS to help your body. I feel like I need to slither across the floor right now into my bed. Me slithering across the floor. That’s an image you’d like to see. lol

The next several posts might be kind of lengthy. I’ll try to keep em short so to add plenty of pictures. Not too many pictures on this post. Sorry, I’m lame. I won’t post all my pictures either. If you really want to see them after I adjusted them let me know and I’ll send you a link.

So vacation is over. Bummer. I loved this last vacation. My body thanked me for it. I was really tired and stressed out. Cuz, as a grown up who doesn’t get stressed out? This world is trying to cramp our styles! I ate a lot. Drank a few daily drinks to help my body relax. My clothes got smaller. What? Ya, I’m a pig.

Vacation officially started for me Saturday. I was off Friday but that day didn’t go as planned. Get back to your cage Friday. I packed my bags and took my time cleaning up my room and nasty butt restroom. It was gross in there. All the while my family, uncle and cousin were flying from Vegas to Boston. They flew all day. How sad is that?

About 1:30 pm, Monique drove me to the airport. We parted ways with a sarcastic salute that she had been talking about giving me all year. She wished me well to spending a week with family on a boat. She had a feeling that some of us might loose our cool while on vacation and she didn’t want to be there to witness it.

Sarcastic Salute
Sarcastic Salute

When I lived in Vegas we used to drive down Sunset and park in a little parking lot right by the runway of LAS. I would turn on the radio to a designated AM station and listen to the tower and airplane pilots talking to each other. You could see a long line of airplanes lined up for take off. One would get into position on the runway. You could see the engines winding up and the body of the plane started waving slightly back and forth. The plane would then accelerate down the runway and lift off into the sky. The type of take offs that scared me were the ones that just shot straight up. Like a rocket.

So, there I was sitting in my window seat next to the wing of the plane. Sitting next to  an obviously nervous, middle aged woman.  The more nervous and fidgety she got the more nervous I got. Our plane then lined up at the runway. Engines gearing up. Body of the plane swaying slightly. Then down the runway it went. The airplane shot straight up. I made the mistake of looking out the window of our teeny, tiny airplane and saw the ground disappear. I’m not kidding when I say I freaked out. I couldn’t concentrate on the book I was reading. I kept rereading the same paragraph over and over. But I kept turning the page because I didn’t want nervous lady to get suspicious. All I kept thinking was, “Don’t pass out. Don’t scream” I seriously could feel a scream forming. What grown man screams? A scared one. I sat there, twitching my leg, grasping my book hard  and anxiously waited for the flight attendant to come to my seat so I could order my Gin and Tonic. I slurped that thing down and was so buzzed that I didn’t have a care in the world. I also didn’t care that everyone on that plane was flying out of Boston to Africa for volunteer work.

Once in Boston I dizzily made my way to baggage claim. I was so happy to see my family. I gave them all hugs and immediately we all started cracking jokes like we always do. My parents weren’t prepared for how cold Boston was. It was freezing. But I packed my pea coat for good measure so I was good. The shuttle driver from the hotel picked us up from the airport and we headed to the hotel. Double Tree rocks. You know why? Because they give you warm chocolate chip cookies when you check in. After getting settled into our hotel we waited for the shuttle driver to take us to a place called Amrheins. Jessie and I headed to the hotel bar for a little drink since the wait was 30 mins. The little Asian man hooked me up with a Bombay Gin and Tonic and Jessie ordered some random drink. Little Asian grandpa handed me my drink when David came running up to us waving his hands back and forth like a mad man and telling us to hurry and get into the shuttle. Darn! We chugged our drinks. Side note, don’t chug a Gin and Tonic. That stuff hurts!

Chris and Jessie
Chris and Jessie

Well that’s it for this post. My next post will be awesome. I promise and pinky swear. teehee.


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