Part Two

It’s been a long week. Traveling left and right, getting barely sleep, jetlag, crazy eating…Monique and I are glad to be back home. Not that we didn’t enjoy all the time with our family. We loved it! I kept repeating over and over how going to Las Vegas and Oxnard was out of the question for me for the next year or so. I must have repeated that many times and on social media that both my family and our good friend Darlene made me eat my words. Eating your words is the worst. Never say never, I suppose.

Last I left off…Saturday evening, things had been looking good. All the uncles, aunts, cousins, and great grand cousins showed up at my Uncle Henry’s house to see Grandma. My mom had been sending Monique and I pictures of the family all looking happy (a bit jealous that we didn’t see most of our cousins while we were there ) (sad face). My aunt Nancy said that things were looking good and not to worry.

Sunday morning was the regular routine. Breakfast, sitting on the couch with Monique chit chatting over coffee and washing dishes. I listened to the watchtower lesson on my phone and pulled the covers off my bed to wash cause that whole weird sickness was gone. I started getting ready to get ready to shower when Monique and I got several scary texts. We needed to make our way to Oxnard, CA, A.S.A.P!!!!!!! Monique was nervous and I was trying to piece together information. We both phoned our cousin Vanessa to get the scope and ensure that she would be willing to pick us up at LAX once our plane landed. Her husband Mike, who works for an airline, helped the two of us out and gave us standby tickets. Flying last minute from coast to coast is ‘spensive ya’ll!

Packing, organizing, then in the car to the airport all with nervousness and thinking how insane it was that we were bout to board a plane. I was terrified. I hadn’t flown in several months. During take off I started singing to myself in my brain to help from not panicking and screaming down the aisle to ask the flight attendant to “LET ME OFF THIS PLANE!! cause their are snakes on HERE!!” idk… The flight was smooth which was great news for my nerves. I had to drink a gin and tonic to help quiet that part of me that was scared out of my mind that if I moved in my seat the plane might tilt. dumb! lol!

Finally we arrived at LAX. Vanessa and Jessie picked us up from the airport and after arriving 50 mins later to Oxnard we immediately started chowing down on Jack in the Box. I miss that place. Didn’t you know that diet goes out the window when your out of your routine? Yup, I’m not ashamed to admit of the mass quantities of processed calories I consumed last week. Delish!! The next morning after waking up in our room at our good friend Darlene’s house. We waited for our ride to Henry’s. I hadn’t had coffee yet so Darlene made me some of her famous “Darbucks.”

Darlene doing nails in her office.
Darlene doing nails in her office.

When we arrived at Henry and Luz’s house we said our “hellos” exchanged hugs and sat with Grandma in the living room. Later that afternoon Monique suggested that we watch the new video from the convention. During the movie, Monique would recap parts of the movie to grandma in case she missed something. During part of the movie something scary happened. Grandma started choking. Everyone scrambled to get help. Suddenly grandma turned purple and was leaning stiffly to one side. My aunt Dolores went outside to calm down, Vanessa handed me the baby and grabbed a container. Monique and Henry phones 9-1-1. My aunt Luz came over and started calmly talking to my grandma to help her. In minutes the paramedics and firemen were on scene. Most of us left the living room to give the experts room. After several minutes and checking her vitals things turned out to be fine. Grandma was doing better. We were all worried and scared but were grateful that it was nothing serious.

Love is strong and endures
Love is strong and endures
Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma and Grandpa

During the week grandma made a few visits to the doctor for a few tests. It was made known to us later last week that everything with grandma was fine. She could now eat on her own and had excellent swallowing skills. Something that she was having trouble with several days earlier. She was going to make a steady recovery. We are so grateful for all your kind thoughts and prayers. That 91 year old woman is strong and not once did my grandpa want to leave her side. That’s what love is all about.


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