Some Bourbon

What up playeeerrrssss???!!! I’m still trying to get my work week face on. It’s been so hard to. Last week seemed to go on for a good while. I got to work in Downtown Raleigh for the good part of the week. Downtown Raleigh is great. It’s really blossomed. The site that I work with is laid back and the staff their are pretty friendly. At least to me anyways. The only thing that gets me is the commute. One hour each way. Normally in the morning I’m sipping on some black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut sugar trying to wake myself up to the rock station. On the way home I need to get myself in a good mood. I’m feeling tired and ready to crash but I need to get my workout in. So I turn on Spotify and get some Top Hits or Pop music going. Pop music just gets me in a good mood for some reason.

Friday night I was pretty pumped to be heading out for drinks with some friends in the hall. I haven’t done that in awhile. I NEEDED THAT! By the way, where are the fellas? I need a guys night out.  I worked with the coordinator of the group, Michelle, to figure out a good place that had had a table still available. She made reservations at The Pit in downtown Durham. Downtown Durham has grown. It’s really a popping little place now with a lot of good food and drinks. Looking over the drink menu (largely Bourbon) made me a little lost. I didn’t really want to order shots or a super strong fruity drink. I’ll leave that to the frat boys and 21 years olds still trying to figure out what a beverage is. I wanted to sip and enjoy a good drink like a pro should. So I had to reach out to my bud Jen for her expertise on good Bourbon. She gave me about four suggestions: Russell Reserve, Angel’s Envy, Woodford and Four Roses. Yo, those suggestions were spot on! I ordered the Russell Reserve and it came in this cool presentation.

Russell Reserve
Russell Reserve

I didn’t know how you were supposed to drink this. Quickly Edwin googled it and advised of a proper way to drink Bourbon. I have to admit, seeing the presentation made Mark, Edwin and Des want to know what else Jen suggested. There we were all sitting around talking and sipping on Bourbon like Bosses…I mean, Gentlemen. Go try them and get out of your comfort zone!

Mark and his Wood
Mark and his Woodford

Sunday evening we invited The Adams and Dante over for a gathering. I would just sit and watch Shante and Jimmy conversate. They have their own little world and are hilarious. I laughed everytime they would crack on each other. Jimmy has this way of grossing Shante out or trying really hard to impersonate her. It’s pretty spot on.

Group Dinner
Group Dinner

Monique told them that Agustin had cooked for them a full Mexican grill (which is totally different than a American one). They looked at her like, “ok what’s that?” Then she mentioned it was Liver and I think she said intestines? That didn’t faze them. Shante grew up eating liver. So that backfired. Poor Monique. LOL. What IS a Mexican grill you ask? Mostly meats, rice, salsa and fresh tortillas. When I first moved to NC it took me awhile to get used to this idea. I mean…I like a good hamburger.

Edwin also let me borrow his 50 mm lense to try out. It’s good for taking pictures from a distance or super close up of the object your trying to focus on. Here are a couple of pictures I took with the lens. They aren’t perfect and I still need more practice but I liked how they came out. Notice how the focus is on Agustin in one and his expression. I love it!

Look to the Sky
Hispanic Gentleman using a 50 mm
Hispanic Gentleman using a 50 mm

Before I close out this post I wanted to mention that I signed up with The Dollar Shave Club. It’s a cool subscription. They mail you razors and Shave Butter. Which really is like butter on your face. You can actually SEE what your shaving instead of guessing. Atleast for me anyways. lol! I really want to sign up with Trendy Butler as soon as this one credit card is paid off. I see the light ya’ll. I’m almost done! Below is a cool IZOD tie I bought on cheap.

IZOD tie
IZOD tie

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