image A Hispanic Gentleman At Your Service

My name is Oliver Quee…, not it isn’t. That doesn’t sound right. My name is Eddie.


I’m a nerd who likes things comic book related, a well groomed individual that follows men’s fashion trends, has a wicked sense of humor, traveler, paleo eater, do gooder (what?)  and a lover of Jehovah’s creations. I’m a novice photographer and with the help of two of my good friends, Paty at and Edwin at grandcastlestudios. I hope to turn my novice photos into photos that will capture your interest and be thought provoking. I established this blog to showcase my photos as well as place to share stories of my life and weekly going on’s. It’s a way to share with you my thoughts and things that are going on through my life. No drama here and no long winded stories of “why me’s?” This is all positive and laced with my sense of humor. I hope you enjoy.

Over the last several months I’ve been dabbling with my new DSLR camera. My friend Edwin had been showing me functions on my camera (go #teamcannon) on how to take good pictures. Once you learn one “stop” there’s 10,000 more things you need to learn. Insert a picture of me pounding my head repeatedly into the wall. His pictures have come a long way and have gotten technical. My other  friend Paty has an eye for good composition. Her pictures are amazing and tell stories. When I’m stuck and not sure of my pictures she is right there to throw her two cents in and tell me how I need to adjust it. She can calm me down and prevent me from tossing my camera against the wall. LOL! Wait…did that make me seem like I have anger management issues? I promise I don’t. 🙂

July 31st thru August 2nd I attended the “Imitate Jesus” Regional Convention. This year my cousins’ Vanessa and Mike came to my convention. My aunt Dolores also came along to help out with the two boys. I don’t think there is anything better than having your family with you at the convention. I grew up in a large family and back when we were all in California serving in English it was nice to all get together. It feels like “home.” There being there made me feel at home again. I love that feeling. Don’t you? Besides having “home” at the convention the program was outstanding. Purely motivating as any attendee would tell you.

Little Dominic
Little Dominic
The Regina's
The Regina’s

This past weekend was another first. The congregation that I serve in had their first congregation picnic. Unfortunately, we arrived late. :-/ But the energy there was amazing. The smiles on everyone’s faces, the stories being shared, the games being was well needed. I didn’t get to eat there since most of the food disappeared upon our arrival. But by the looks of it I’m sure it was delicious.

A foot race, anyone?
A foot race, anyone?

This is my first entry and a small intro to myself. I hope you like the pictures and stick around for stories.



  1. Yay, you are blogging again. I like it. Nice job on the photos. I used to know all those camera terms and how to adjust everything. Sad when you don’t do something you lose it. But keep up the good work!


  2. Ok mr. “Fashion Forward”, we now need to see your modeling photos so everyone knows how well you dress. 😁
    I look forward to your next installment.


  3. Nice post Eddie! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. For some reason, I felt like I was reading your diary. LOL!!! Who knew you would have a blog one day. 😊


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